A series Mini range pallet stacker

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●Strong power to satisfy most applications of material handling.

●Latest permanent magnetic system including motor and controller applied to provide excellent, efficient performance.

●Regenerative brake and slope anti-slide function are offered by this truck.


●Simple and beautiful tiller designed to operate all functions easily even by one hand.

●Optimized design to offer a good visibility and easy entrance of the pallet.

●Built-in charger and maintenance free gel battery adopted to provide convenient usage.

●Compact size to offer smart operations and pass of narrow aisle.


●CBD: The adopted three–pivot design with side support system improves the safety and reliability.

●CDD: The adopted four-pivot design to provide reasonable driving wheel balance and good visibility and reliability.

●The applied lifting system with optimized design is more stable and reliable.

●Water-proof plugs and connectors applied to provide a reliable protection to electric system.

●Top quality hydraulic power unit applied to provide low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing.

●Punch-formed forks to provide more strength and tip guide to provide higher efficient operation.


●With three braking types: releasing brake, reversing brake and emergency brake, the driving safety has been ensured.

●The applied slope anti-slip function ensures the safety of the operation.

●The emergency button on the tiller head can effectively avoid the harm to the driver in emergent situations when driving in reverse.

●The standard equipped electronic lifting limitation and soft landing system protect working motor and loads from damaging.