A series 0.75/0.90/0.99t mini range three-wheel electric forklift truck

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A series 0.75/0.90/0.99t mini range three-wheel electric forklift truck is suitable for working in narrow channel even in elevator. Compact design provide small turning radius (1200mm), it is an ideal equipment for warehouse, supermarket, workshop.


Eyeball catching designed smooth outline and metal material applied for exposed parts, all provide compact construction of the A series mini range three-wheel electric forklift truck.


Rear-wheel driving technology, sinking type designed battery layout provides perfect stability. Steering angle sensor (Option) will reduce the travelling speed during cornering.


The traction motor assists the gear of pump motor steering, thanks to the right and left 90 degrees turning of drive wheel, the truck can travel in a narrow space flexibly.


The wide view mast provides better forward visibility, the soft landing system decreases the noise and shock of the mast significantly.


World famous motor controllers, connectors, battery plug, emergency switch and the main electrical components are applied to ensure the reliability of the performance and provides easy service.

Both electronics and hydraulic system are equipped with overloading protection system. 


The combined controller (made by INMOTION, imported from USA) provides advanced and reliable performance.High quality traction motor and reducer parts.

Maintenance free traction motor is no need to replace the carbon brush, low service cost.


Full opened cover is easy for maintenance.

AC motor is no need to replace the carbon brush, low service cost.

3rd hydraulic function

2~4.5m duplex mast

Different length forks

Different length foldable forks

High performance imported battery

Polyurethane tyre (Imported from Japan)

Different attachments

Additional weight

Seat with armrest