A series high range stand-on pallet stacker with initial lift

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●Electric power steering is standard specification, which provides flexible operation.

●The arm initial lifting function offers better reachability.

●The upper and lower double pallets handling design not only can meet requirements of stacking operation, but also brings higher material handling efficiency.

●The latest ZAPI AC control system realizes accurate and stable control, and higher efficiency.


●Lifting and lowering stepless speed regulation of the fork is a standard feature.

●The lower vibration pedal offers much higher driving comfort, and reduces fatigue of long-duration operation.


●Four-pivots and low-gravity-center design and the high-strength steel plate framed structure feature large residual load capacity, and long service life.

●Top quality hydraulic power unit applied to provide low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing reliable operation.


●Travel speed will be automatically reduced after fork lifting 500mm.

●Automatic deceleration during turning.

●Three braking system of regenerative braking, reverse current braking, parking brake, insures the safe operation.

●The belly button on the tiller head can effectively avoid the harm to the driver.

●Soft landing system applied to protect loads from damaging effectively.

●Displayed turtle speed function applied to move slowly and helps to stack goods in narrow space.


●Integrated battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instrument.

●Full opened hood, easy accessibility of all components, is easy for service.

l  Rated capacity 1000/1200kg, meet the needs of the majority of customers.

Outer distance of forks 600/680mm

Side roll out battery and trolley

Fork length 1220/1600

Load backrest